Saint Louis Gateway Chapter

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St. Louis Gateway Chapter

Steering Council


Chair Couple Elect: Vacancy

Past Chair Couple:  Barry Rinderknecht & Elizabeth (Ann) Broyles  

Secretary Couple:  Vacancy

Treasurer Couple:   Jerry & Cathie Wille

Endowment Advisory Board:   Larry & Mary Mohl, Joe Goodenough & Edith James and Ned Golterman


Couples Communication Workshop/Mentoring:  
Steve & Linda Techner
Barry Rinderknecht & Elizabeth (Ann) Broyles  

Education:  Nora Ryan & Ned Golterman

MEG Support:   Vacancy

Membership: Elizabeth (Ann) Broyles  

Programs:  George Boniface & Helene Frankel

Public Relations:  Pat Ciapciak, Joy Marcus, Laura Whitfield

Database Manager:  Rich Wagner

Newsletter Editor:   Vacancy

Website Coordinator:   Richard Scott

Website Consultant:  Richard Gavatin of IMS

Resource Materials:  Don Lueders & Donna Bossow

MEG Contact Couples are voting members of the
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