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Frequently Asked Questions

1. WHAT IS MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT?  Couples helping couples build healthy, more mutually satisfying relationships through education. Couples develop and use effective communication skills and participate in small on- going dialogue groups with other dedicated couples. The focus is on strengthening marriage as the basis for a happy family.

2. WHO IS MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT FOR?  It is for any couple wishing to improve their marriage. However, it is not a substitute for counseling or therapy for troubled marriages. It is for new and seasoned marriages. Same gender couples are welcome. We all want the same thing, whether our relationship has just begun or we have been together for many years.

3. ARE YOU A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION?  We are a non- sectarian organization of couples who believe in marriage, believe that good marriages require commitment and growth, and that good communication with each other and with other couples helps to improve our own relationship.  We are dedicated to building strong couple relationships, starting with our own. For a listing of all of the benefits of belonging to the Gateway Chapter click here. We are affiliated with International Better Marriages, which is based in Winston- Salem, North Carolina.

4. WHAT IS A MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT GROUP (MEG)?  A MEG is a group of 4- 8 couples that meets together on a regular basis, perhaps once a month, to focus time and attention on their relationships in an environment of safety, trust, and community. Each couple focuses on their own relationship. There is no confrontation, analyzing, or prescribing.  The emphasis is on support and encouragement.

5. WHAT IS COUPLE DIALOGUE?  It is a process in which a couple talks to each other about their relationship by expressing feelings clearly and listening respectfully. This leads to deepening intimacy and couple growth. Couple dialogue is central to Better Marriage’s approach to marriage enrichment.

6.  IS MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT FOR ONLY MARRIED COUPLES?  Any loving couple is welcome to attend any of our upcoming events and our Couple Communication Workshop (CCW).  We advise that only loving, committed couples investigate joining a Marriage Enrichment Group (MEG). Click here to see some of our upcoming events.

7. IS BETTER MARRIAGES FREE?  Many of our events are free of charge. We are a non- profit 501(c)3 organization which is run by volunteers. We do not make a profit but our expenses require us to charge for some events.  Membership dues  and donations help us to meet expenses. Click here to become a member. Donations & Membership Form Donations & Membership Form